May is a character in the Guilty Gear series of fighting games first appearing in 1998’s Guilty Gear for the Sony Playstation console and returning in all sequels up to  Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 (2017).

She is a young girl with dark eyes and brown hair that drops to her waist. Her attire consists of an orange tricorne pirate hat emblazoned with a skull and a matching leather tunic over a black jumpsuit.

This outfit is accented by large white bangles on her wrists and puffy orange shoes that squeak as she marches around the arena. Her weapon of choice is a massive nautical anchor, but why a sky pirate would be in possession of or have the strength to carry such an item remains a mystery.

May is an orphaned girl raised by Captain Johnny of the Jellyfish Pirates, with whom she travels the skies in the May Ship. Ever the playboy, Johnny surrounds himself with beautiful women, and May is determined to be his number one despite a sizeable generation gap.

Her past is largely unknown, so her birthday is listed as May 5 in honor of the day Johnny took her in. She is also supposedly one of the last living Japanese in the Guilty Gear universe along with Baiken and Anji Mito. During the events of Guilty Gear X, she befriended Dizzy, a Gear with free will, and adopted her as one of the Jellyfish crew. May is normally a sweet, friendly person, but she displays quite a temper when anyone bothers Johnny, or if her Peladophobia (fear of bald people) is excited.

The inspiration for her name is said to be Brian May, guitarist for the band, Queen.

The first incarnation of May featured a purely aggressive moveset, but from Guilty Gear X onward, her playing style was balanced out with several defensive techniques. Her Mr. Dolphin! attack requires charging, making it a reliable move for players inclined to turtle their way to victory, while Applause for the Victim allows the user to set ranged traps for their opponent. Restive Rolling was one of May’s few attacks that remained largely unchanged from its original form since both games allowed the player to change direction multiple times in mid-air.


May in her Pirate Ship Stage in Guilty Gear Isuka

May Ship GGX

The May Ship in Guilty Gear XX (without additional sprites)

In Guilty Gear X2, Super Screaming Ultimate Spinning Whirlwind was added to May’s Overdrive list in addition to her Ultimate Whiner and Great Yamada attacks. If timed correctly, the player could cap off this new move with a free hit in the form of an Orca striking the opponent. May and the Jolly Crew is also one of the most humorous instant kills in the game, since, as the title suggests, it has the entire crew of the May Ship, young and old, parading across the playing field, trampling the enemy to pieces in the process.

The May Ship stage received a massive visual overhaul after Guilty Gear. In the first game, a single pirate girl could be seen sitting in a doorway to the far right of the stage, but in the sequel, the ship’s entire crew is on deck to cheer their fearless comrades, May and Johnny, to victory!


May from the Guilty Gear Games: an Overview

Charactername: May   Developed /Created by Arc System Works 
Gameseries:  Guilty Gear   First seen on: Sony Playstation
First Game:  Guilty Gear   Year first seen in: 1998
Last Game:  Guilty Gear Strive (2021)   Birthplace: Japan
Role(s) and Characteristics: Fighting Game Character   Weapons or Martial Arts Style: An Anchor
Additional Tags:  Pirates in Video Games   Similar Characters:  
Has Relations to:

Johnny (Friend)

Dizzy (Friend)

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Official Game Art like promotional Illustrations of May from the Guilty Gear Games

May Guilty Gear Render

GGXX Accent Core


May Guilty Gear Isuka Game Art

Guilty Gear Isuka (2003)


Additional official Art of May which could be unlocked in Guilty Gear XX Accent Core:

May Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Arcade Mode Ending Art

Arcade Mode Ending of May

May Guilty Gear  XX Accent Core Arcade EX Mode Ending of May

Arcade EX Mode Ending of May


May drawn for our Video Game Character Art Collaboration

May from Guilty Gear got her first illustration for our big VG Character Collaboration in September 2018 by SunnyTheSunflower!


 Selected May from Guilty Gear Fan Art featured on Game Art HQ:


May Portrait Art

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May Guilty Gear Sprite Walking