bioshock_infinite art by_patrick brown

Bioshock Infinite is a great game, Patrick Brown is a great Artist.

Mixed together = Awesomeness!

His Bioshock Infinite illustration is just the last video game fan art by Patrick who drew the previous Bioshock games before but also a lot other games ranging from GTA to Hitman and many more.

Here on his Bioshock Infinite Artwork you see the three main characters Elizabeth, Booker DeWitt and Songbird in that amazing railway stage above the city of Columbia.

Patrick wrote the following about his artwork:

“I wanted to try and achieve the vibrant color scheme Bioshock Infinite is known for, it was good to play around with so many colors for a change, and I had to get used to playing around with distance for once too, haven’t done that in a while. I hope you all enjoy this piece, and if you haven’t yet, go out and give Bioshock a go, it’s a bit of a twisted story and makes you wonder a lot but has a good pay off by the end”

Personally i recommend you to grab the game if you have anything for first person shooters with a great story and i recommend you as well to visit Patrick Brown’s gallery on deviantART!