Final Fantasy VI Screenshot Final Fantasy VI Screenshot Final Fantasy VI Screenshot

Final Fantasy VI is known as one of the best console role playing games ever made. It was released in 1994 already, for the Super Nintendo. Today it is avaiable for relative many platforms and the ports were partially enhanced too but fans still hope for a remake which stays close to the source though.

Fans also still draw scenes and characters of this game which had an awesome story, nice artstyle and a cast of super interesting characters.

Personally i like only FF V and FFVIII more.

Now let the dancing mad begin! ūüėČ

Final Fantasy VI Logo Render

Final Fantasy VI one of the best RPG’s ever drawn by great fans

Kefka and Terra Branford

Kefka and Terra

by JuritheDreamer

Final Fantasy VI Kefka and Terra

Kefka and Terra

by Blackorb00

FF6 Final Fantasy VI  Art Magitek_Armor

Moogles & Magitek Armor

by Hanzo Steinbach

final_fantasy_vi art

Final Battle with Kefka

by Hanzo Steinbach

Final Fantasy VI Artwork by Elizabeth Sherry

Edgar and Sabin Figaro

by  Elizabeth Sherry