Dark Link from SSB Brawl

This is Dark Link, in this case in his colors and design from Super Smash Bros Brawl. In the Zelda games, Dark Link is often just a black or shadow like silouette who mimics Link.

TixieLix, the artist behind this entry wanted to give him more details than that and used Link`s Blacklist as an opportunity to expand her interpretation of Dark Link as a combination of her experiences with him in battle as well as she would like to see him in the future Zelda games.

The background is that eerie room in one of the Ocarina of Time dungeons where Dark Link is the boss.

Dark Link SSBB Render


Dark Link Fight

Dark Link is a recurring Boss character of the Legend of Zelda series since Zelda II: The Adventures of Link already.

Sometimes he was only a black silouette as seen above, or half transparent but with red glowing eyes.

He mimics Link`s moves and can be a very annoying and hard boss.

Dark Link Zelda 2 Official Art


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