ChuChu from Wind Waker


Man, these are some bizarre creatures, and now even a quite stable part of the monster roster of the Legend of Zelda series.

TheCuraga found a great way to make some kind of poster with all their colorful variations from the Wind Waker here, this is so far the weirdest entry for Link`s Blacklist!


He chosed ChuChus because Wind Waker is his favorite Legend of Zelda game in terms of art style.


“I really love the colorful and emotive feel that Windwaker brought to the Zelda franchise, and I feel like the chuchu’s design is a prime example of that style. This was created in Adobe Illustrator and was meant as more of a graphic piece incorporating most of the spectrum of chuchu hues. I’ve always liked art that grabs your attention, and that’s what I was trying to achieve here.”


These gelatine like ChuChu creatures are recurring monsters in the world of Hyrule. They made their debut in Majora`s Mask and returned in almost all later titles so far.

The ChuChu`s are actually some of the easiest to beat monsters, one slash with the sword should be enough normally.

However, don`t get too close to them, they can electrocute Link!

It should be mentioned that these little guys look very different from game to game.

ChuChu Jelly

They also drop Chu Jelly.

Chuchu in Wind Waker Render

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