Sareena & Quan Chi from Mortal Kombat by Jaggudada


Sareena is one of the few characters like Quan Chi and Shinnok that debuted in the pretty mediocre Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero back in 1997. Actually, she is the only character from the game that was not also an important part of Mortal Kombat 4 but became a playable character. Sareena is a minor part of the story mode in Mortal Kombat X but unlike Tanya or Bo Rai Cho, she was not among the DLC for the game while many fans asked for her return. 

Personally, I believe that Sareena will be a part of Mortal Kombat XI, but most likely just as a downloadable character. And she will not show even half as much skin as in Jaggudada’s damn awesome new artwork of her. I noticed this trend in Mortal Kombat X already when we saw characters like Mileena not being as revealing as usual and it was okay, but there in MKX is just weird with characters like Skarlet wearing a friggin’ Hijab and Jade being just..unsexy while the majority of the male characters are showing quite a lot of skin now. After growing up with the Mortal Kombat games of the nineties and Mileena being in a Playboy magazine actually in 2004 I just dislike this new trend, and when I look at the majority of the fan art and even cosplays created in the last months it seems like many fans feel that way. 

I mean..important is the gameplay, and it is looking great so far…the violence reached another drastic visual level and it looks like the story will be both dark and funny with Johnny Cage being the main protagonist this time who meets his former self and does …stupid things  🙂 

But the visuals for the females are changing because it’s “politically correct” now and maybe to have no problems because of loud minorities and on big fighting game tournaments like we saw them recently with Dead or Alive and even Street Fighter is something like self chosen censorship..and as Shao Kahn would say: This SUCKS!!

Well, sorry for the rant and thoughts that have not a lot to do with the great artwork shown above, as an MK fan since 1993 I just had to share these thoughts somewhere.

But now lets get back to Sareena and this badass illustration of her where she eventually owned her former master Quan Chi who used her as an assassin. You can find a gallery of her of course as part of our Video Game Character DB  



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