Pac-Man “Joyful Ambush” by Mikaël “Orioto” Aguirre are old when you remember that you are just as old as the still  – pretty – popular yellow dot-eater who entered the arcades in Japan back in May 1980 as “PUCKMAN”. How good Namco changed that name later 😉 

This fan art is not just a Blast from the Past because it is about one of the oldest video games that are still receiving new games from time to time but also because it is from 2012 already. Just like Pac-Man, its creator, Orioto is still one of the active artists that are creating a wonderful video game based art for many years already.

Be it classic like Pac-Man or new games like recently DragonQuest XI, he tributes them all with his skills and is responsible for some of the most beautiful video game artworks about almost forgotten niche games like Axelay. 

You can support him via Patreon and also get this Pac-Man art in a bigger size among others if you like great video game based art, he is definitely one of the guys to care about ^^