Bo’ Rai Cho is a playable character from the Mortal Kombat fighting games and debuted in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance (2002). He returned in the direct sequel Mortal Kombat: Deception (2004) and also in Mortal Kombat. Armageddon (2006).

Bo’ Rai Cho is a former teacher of Liu Kang and Kung Lao and fights on the side of Earthrealm against evil. He did not participate in the Mortal Kombat tournaments because he was born in Outworld and his victories would have counted for Shao Kahn.

In the games he uses fighting styles like Drunken Boxing and Sumo, his special moves vomiting on the ground and he made a lot of funny noises including farts during battles. All in all he was basically a joke character with a serious backstory.

Bo’Rai Cho  returned in a small role during the story mode of  Mortal Kombat X (2015. In December 2015 he was revealed to become a playable character as part of the Kombat Pack#2 in MKX

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Bo’ Rai Cho from the Mortal Kombat Games: an Overview

Charactername: Bo’ Rai Cho   Developed /Created by Midway Games later NetherRealm Studios
Gameseries: Mortal Kombat   First seen on: Playstation 2
First Game: Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance   Year first seen in: 2002
Last Game: Mortal Kombat X (2015) – Playable as DLC in 2016   Birthplace: Outworld
Role(s) and Characteristics: Fighting Game Character   Weapons or Martial Arts Style:  
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Official Game Art like promotional Illustrations of Bo’ Rai Cho


Bo Rai Cho MKDA Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance Game Art

Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance (2002)


Bo' Rai Cho MK Deception Wallpaper Thumb

Bo’ Rai Cho Wallpaper in MK Deception


Bo Rai Cho MKDA Bio Profile

Bo Rai Cho MKDA Bio

Bo Rai Cho MKDA Ending 1

Bo Rai Cho MKDA Ending 1

Bo Rai Cho MKDA Drinking

Lets drink!

Bo Rai Cho MKDA Bio Profile Alt

Bo Rai Cho MKDA Bio Alt.

Bo Rai Cho MKDA Ending 2

Bo Rai Cho MKDA Ending 2

Bo Rai Cho MKDA

Bo Rai Cho Wins!!

Bo’Rai Cho in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, Profiles, Screenshots  and Endings




Bo’ Rai Cho in Game-Art-HQ Art Projects

All Mortal Kombat Art Tribute Artworks featuring Bo Rai Cho:

Bo Rai Cho MKDA


Bo Rai Cho MKDA Alt

MK DA Alt.

Bo Rai Cho MKD

Mortal Kombat Deception

Bo Rai Cho MKD Alt

Mortal Kombat Deception Alt.



Selected Fan Art and Cosplay Photos of Bo’ Rai Cho




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