“Baihu” Genji from Overwatch Cosplay by Nebulaluben and the OverwatchSpain Team


I never played Overwatch..and I doubt I ever will because I would only get owned again and again by more skilled players I bet but I like many of the characters. Probably because they are pretty similar sometimes to fighting game character designs. Genji here in this “Baihu” Skin he got in 2018 looks a lot like Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat or Hanzo Hattori from the Samurai Warriors games.

Nebulaluben aka Laura Sánchez from Spain is also one of the best Nina Williams cosplayers out there and I like to see any of her stuff, no matter if she herself is cosplaying or she is taking the role of the photographer. This particular cosplay of Genji was actually sponsored by Overwatch EU and she created it together with two other artists, the whole credits are:

Ireneskyworld (Irene Marín): Clothing, screen printing, textiles, fur, gems, electronics, and final assembly.
Fonte (Diego Fonteriz): Foam armor construction. Armor and props painting. Electronics and final assembly.
Nebulaluben (me, Laura Sánchez): Sword replicas and their cases, shurikens and scales. 3D modeling, 3D printing, and assembly. Electronics. 


Here is also a Full Body cosplay so you can see the whole thing as well as a screenshot of Baihu Genji in-game so you can directly compare the costumes:






For more cosplays from Nebulaluben on Game-Art-HQ (These are pretty old though) have a look at:

..or directly visit her DeviantART or Instagram accounts linked above!

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