Tali Mass Effect Cosplay by Nebulaluben Tali Cosplay Mass Effect by Nebulaluben

Tali’Zorah is one of the mysterious and also excellent character designs from the Mass Effect games and is cosplayed and drawn quite often since she got herself many fans.

Two of them are the cosplayer and model, Nebulaluben and Rubén “Hidrico” Madrid. While Nebulaluben created the costume together with Erikku-kun, Hidrico made the photo and also the additional photomanipulations seen above which made the photos look like they are directly from the games or official art about Tali!

You can see the differences of the cosplay itself and the added effects via the image to the right.

While both artists were featured on Game Art HQ before, i recommend it totally to visit their dA profiles and see the tons of cosplay art they are both sharing there!

Check also out the interview i had with both of them in May 2013!

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Tali from Mass Effect by Nebulaluben

Photo by AOJ