Android 21 from Dragon Ball FighterZ drawn by Forty Fathoms


Arc System Works is known for their awesome fighting games since Guilty Gear X and its updates became a success in the arcades, the Sega Dreamcast and the PlayStation 2. 

Today, they created around 10 different fighting game series already including some for big licenses like Hokuto No Ken, Persona and even DragonBall Z. 

Dragon Ball Fighter Z looks probably the best alternative to Marvel vs. Capcom ever, and got the “lovely” new character Android 21 who is also the main antagonist of the game. 

Sarah Christin aka. Forty Fathoms from the USA saw her there in a quite sassy pose by Marc-F-Huizinga, who did the line art of her Majin form and added all the colors, the background, and the additional details.  I was quite surprised to see her sharing a fan art of Android 21 since I remember her mostly for her excellent takes on Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider games, and did not know she is into fighting games as well. Now I wonder if we are going to see her painting someone from the upcoming Mortal Kombat XI as well maybe 🙂


She wrote the following to describe her take on Android 21 there:

I felt I needed to metaphorically ‘stretch my legs’ and do something very new or at least different for me, so boom. The pink, Majin/Android lady from Dragon Ball FighterZ (which is actually a f*cking awesome game) herself. Marc-F-Huizinga did such a sassy pose of her that I knew at one point, she was going to have to get painted by me.

I put her into the canyons because that’s one of my favorite arenas/areas to battle in. I also wanted to show her power effect too, so I slammed some of that in there too.

It was very different to paint someone who’s essentially a solid color without making it them look like a crayon. I’ve done similar type images in the past like of She-Hulk or Lyssa Drak, but pink its not necessarily my ‘forte’ color, so I had to make do and try something else to push myself more”