Roselia using Ingrain by both EdMoffatt and Seyumei

Ed Moffatt is an active part of Game-Art-HQ since we started back in 2011 but he rarely drew a Pokemon before the Gen I Tribute. So it was a big surprise that he was fire and flame for our Gen I Tribute in 2017 and joined with Haunter and Krabby. Ed returned to our Pokemon Tributes in 2018 with his take on Roselia using the Ingrain!

Ed draws a lot of cool stuff including many excellent contributions for our art collaborations. Have a good look at his gallery here!


Seyumei is a big Pokemon fan who draws a lot of beautiful illustrations for his favorite Pokemon but also eventually joined Game-Art-HQ when we started our Generation III Tribute last year. His takes on Minun and Roselia are just cute and we look forward to seeing him returning for our Gen IV Project as well!

Have a look at his gallery here!



“Lays roots that restore HP. The user can’t switch out”

Ingrain is a Grass-Type move that was debuting in the Pokémon Gen III games and deals no damage. The user plants roots into the ground which are restoring 16% of its HP at the end of every turn, the downside is that the Pokémon can not be switched with another one if Ingrain was used.

This changed a bit in the Pokémon V games when Ghost-type Pokémon could use Ingrain and still switch out whenever they wanted. Ingrain can also become stronger and restore 30% of the HP if the Pokémon holds a Big Root. Roselia learns Ingrain at level 34.

#315 Roselia

“It uses the different poisons in each hand separately when it attacks. The stronger its aroma, the healthier it is.”

Roselia is a dual-type Grass/Poison Pokemon and is known in the Pokedex as the thorn Pokemon. It is based off rose bushes as can be seen from the two roses on its hands. It is also possible based on fairies as it is put into the fairy egg group. It evolves from Budew when leveled up with high friendship during the day and evolves into Roserade when exposed to a Shiny Stone.

Wild Roselia can be found in grassy areas where it drinks nutrient-rich spring water and it uses this to keep its flowers healthy. The healthier a Roselia is, the stronger its aroma will be but despite the sweet aroma from its flowers the spikes on its head contain a vicious poison. It can get very angry and shoot sharp thorns when someone tries to steal its flowers.

In the Pokemon anime, May’s rival, Drew owned a Roselia and it was his first Pokemon that he owned and he can often be seen using it in contests. It later evolved into a Roserade.



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