Haunter used Lick by EdMoffatt

Ed Moffatt is an active part of Game-Art-HQ since years but he rarely drew a Pokemon before the Gen I Tribute. His first pick was Haunter doing Lick, followed by Krabby with the Crabhammer.

Ed draws a lot of cool stuff including many excellent contributions for our art collaborations. Have a good look at his gallery here!


“Licks with a long tongue to injure. May also paralyze.”

Lick is a Ghost-Type Move and was introduced in Generation I. It is famously associated with Haunter to which the effects of performing the move vary depending on the game or anime. The move itself inflicts damage and has a 30% chance of inflicting Paralysis on the opponent. As it is a Ghost-Type move; other Ghost-Type and Normal-Type Pokemon are not affected by it. 


Haunter used Night Shade by CleverAsFoxes

CleverAsFoxes from the USA joined other Art Collaborations before and when he joined our group on dA I kinda knew it would be just a matter of time before he would participate in the Pokemon Tribute that started just some weeks ago.

Haunter was his only submission but I bet he will return next year when we continue with Gen II!


“Inflicts damage identical to the user’s level. “

Night Shade is a Ghost-Type Move and was introduced in Generation I. It was originally the signature move of Gastly. The move inflicts damage equivalent to that of the user’s current level. So it can deal hefty damage when the User’s level is at Max. Once more, it has 100% hit accuracy.

In Generation I; not even Psychic and Normal-Type Pokemon (who usually have immunity to Ghost-Type moves) could avoid it. However, this was quickly remedied in Generation II and onward. 



“Because of its ability to slip through block walls, it is said to be from another dimension”

Truly one of the most apparitious looking of its type, Haunter is a Ghost/Poison-Type Pokemon that evolves from Gastly at Level 25. Appearing as both a disembodied head and pair of hands, it can easily float in and out of walls. Thus it is believed to be from another world not like ours.

Perhaps most sinister of all is it’s Pokedex entry. According to the entry, the Lick of a Haunter will not only drain a victim’s life energy; but also make the victim shake uncontrollably until death. Of course in the anime, such a thing does not occur as the lovable Charmander was seen getting an affectionate Lick from a Haunter and only shuddered momentarily. And much like other Ghost-Type Pokemon, though it likes to prank and trick people, it is quite loyal to its trainer.


Pokemon Gen I Art Collaboration Logo by SuperEdco

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