Minun using Charge by Azurllinate

Nathan Williamson aka Azurlinate from Canada was one of the new artists in our Pokemon Gen III Tribute, he is mostly drawing non-Pokemon related stuff.



“Charges power to boost the electric move used next.”

Charge is a non-damaging Electric-Type move. Its purpose is to charge up the powerful effects of the Electric-Types moves in the Pokemon’s repertoire of battle skills. If the user’s next move after Charge is Electric-Type, it will have double the effect and cause double the amount of damage.

In addition to raising the effects of Electric-Type moves; it now has the ability to raise the user’s Special Defense stats also. Minun learns Charge at level 28.

Minun using Spark by Seyumei

Seyumei is a big Pokemon fan who draws a lot of beautiful illustrations for his favorite Pokemon but also eventually joined Game-Art-HQ when we started our Generation III Tribute last year. His takes on Minun and Roselia are just cute and we look forward to seeing him returning for our Gen IV Project as well!

Have a look at his gallery here!


“The user throws an electrically charged tackle at the target. This may also leave the target with paralysis.”

Spark is an Electric-type attack move introduced in Generation II.  It has a base power of 65, an accuracy rating of 100 and if it the move hits the target, there is also a 30% chance of paralyzing them as well.

Minun learns Spark very early on at level 7.

#312 Minun

“Exposure to electricity from Minun and Plusle promotes blood circulation and relaxes muscles.”

Minun is an Electric-type Pokemon that often appears alongside its counterpart Pokemon, Plusle. It is known as the cheering Pokemon and is also seen as the electric rodent of generation III.

Minun tends to care more for its teammates than it does for itself and can create showers of sparks when it is cheering for them and can increase these sparks if their teammate is in trouble. It is also capable of creating pom-poms out of electricity when its cheering others on. Minun really dislike water.

In the Pokemon Adventures manga Sapphire owned a Minun that she used in a double battle with Ruby and his Plusle, this experience taught them how to double battle together which was a wide selling feature of the Generation III games at their time of release.



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