Gastly used Spite by Midnitez-REMIX

Rebecca / Joshua aka Midnitez-Remix from Canada were one of the first artists that joined our Pokemon tribute when it was announced on the 29th April 2016. Their take on Zubat using the Mean Look Move was done at the 6th May already, they quickly claimed also Golbat with Crunch and eventually Gastly with Spite!


“A vengeful move that slightly reduces the PP of the opponent’s last move.”

Introduced in Generation II, Spite is a non-damaging Ghost-Type Move. It reduces the number of PP of the last move the target has used. The number of PP reduced varied from one Generation to the next. In Generation I it was randomly between 1 and 5 when in Generation IV it was concretely 4. The move can now also be reflected by a Pokemon holding Magic Coat.



Gastly used Lick by TheFredricus

Fredrika is one of the few Swedish artists  that joined our first Pokemon collaboration and she was fast to claim both Gastly and Lickitung in May already!


“Licks with a long tongue to injure. May also paralyze.”

Lick is a Ghost-Type Move and was introduced in Generation I. It is famously associated with Haunter to which the effects of performing the move vary depending on the game or anime. The move itself inflicts damage and has a 30% chance of inflicting Paralysis on the opponent. As it is a Ghost-Type move; other Ghost-Type and Normal-Type Pokemon are not affected by it. 



“Almost invisible, this gaseous Pokémon cloaks the target and puts it to sleep without notice”

Gastly is a gaseous looking Ghost/Poison-Type Pokemon which evolves into more famous forms such as Haunter (Level 25) and ultimately Gengar (When traded as Haunter.) Though it mostly gas; it has a spherical body with eyes and a mouth. Like most Ghost-Type Pokemon, it’s entry in the Pokedex makes it out to be far more sinister than it actually might be. Namely that it can envelope an opponent as big as an Indian Elephant and destroy it within seconds. Which is totally absurd; when are Indian Elephants part of the Pokemon universe?

It also has a dual-nature to it. While mischievous by nature, it is loyal to its trainer and can preserve memories of deceased trainers. It usually hangs around old delapidated houses and buildings; most famously hovering around Lavender Town where the town’s eerie silence and music gave players nightmares. (Apparently….)

Pokemon Gen I Art Collaboration Logo by SuperEdco

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