Poochyena using Sucker Punch by iwakitsune

Iwakitsune is a young artist from Costa Rica and found out about our Pokemon Collaboration in January when we announced it on deviantART. Her Poochyena was her only submission so far, it’s also still the newest piece in her gallery you can find here.


Sucker Punch

“This move enables the user to attack first. It fails if the foe is not readying an attack, however.”

Sucker Punch is a Dark-type move that was first introduced in Generation IV. The move only works if the foe is about to attack, so be careful when setting this one up!

If used in a Super Contest, Sucker Punch is seen as a smart move, and in a Contest Spectacular it is a clever move. Sucker Punch can be learnt by Poochyena at level 49 (40 in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, and 43 in Generation VII).

Poochyena using Shadow Ball by Pikarry

Pikarry is a young artist from Vietnam and her take on Typhlosion is one of the very few illustrations in the Generation II Tribute that were drawn with traditional tools like pencils! In 2018 she returned with her cute take on the Poochyena! 


Have a look at her whole gallery here!

Shadow Ball

“The user hurls a shadowy blob at the target. This may also lower the target’s Sp. Def stat”

The Shadow Ball attack was introduced in the Generation II Pokemon games and is a Ghost-Type move that deals not only damage but also has a 20% chance of lowering the opponents Special Defense stats by one stage.

If a Pokemon has the Bulletproof ability they will not be affected by a move such as Shadow Ball.

Six Pokemon are using the Shadow Ball in our Project currently, the first one was Kadabra from Generation I! Shadow Ball can be taught to Poochyena using TM30.


#261 Poochyena

“It savagely threatens foes with bared fangs. It chases after fleeing targets tenaciously. It turns tail and runs, however, if the foe strikes back.”

Poochyena is a dark-type Pokémon introduced in Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.  It can be caught very early on in the games and evolves into Mightyena at level 18.

Poochyena’s large over-sized fangs are used to threaten its opponents, advance on its prey and eat anything – and by anything, that means anything because it’s an omnivore!  With its precise sense of smell, it can track and persistently chase after its prey until its target tires out.  However, Poochyena can retreat if the prey decides to fight back and can’t get intimidated by bristles formed from the hair on its tail.

Many Poochyena can be seen in the animé, but just like the opening for Ruby and Sapphire, their first appearance has them chasing after Professor Birch while in the fields outside Littleroot Town.  In the game, the player would pick their starter Pokémon and fight right away, meanwhile in the animé, May tried to save Birch with a Mudkip but it decided to attack her instead, leaving the professor to direct commands himself.  In both cases, the Poochyena got defeated in battle.


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