Aerodactyl used Sky Attack by Dragonith

Dragonith from the USA is a Game-Art-HQ member since around two years now and participated in at least a handful projects so far. Lately he drew a lot of Fakemon which a worth to have a look at!


The strongest Flying-type attack. Energy is stored in the first turn, then fired the next turn

Sky Attack was introduced in the very first generation and from the second generation onwards, became the signature move of the legendary Phoenix, Moltres. It is a flying-type move with the power of an incredible 140!

It is a two-turn move, the first instance the user searches for a weak point and the second it goes in for the attack. It is the strongest flying-type move.



Aerodactyl used Hyper Beam by Dreamgate-Gad

Dreamgate-Gad from Peru is one of the most active Game-Art-HQ Contributors now since around two years and started with a really unpopular character from the Final Fight games for one of our fighting game related projects and participated in almost all later art activites, our Pokémon Tribute however got his full dedication, today in September 2016 he drew already nine of the 151 lovely beasts! The Caterpie was the 2nd Pokémon he drew for this project.

You can see his whole gallery on dA here!


“An extremely powerful attack. The attacker becomes so tired, it has to rest the next turn”

Hyper Beam is the incredibly powerful TM15 attack. Another two-turn attack, the user attacks with an incredibly powerful beam and then rests on the second turn. It is a normal type move with an incredible power of 150.



“A Pokémon that was resurrected from the genes of an ancient dinosaur. With sharp fangs, it is very vicious”

Aerodactyl is a rock/flying Fossil Pokemon and another rare find in the first generation having to resurrect it from Old Amber. It doesn’t evolve into any other Pokemon but was much later given a long-awaited for mega evolution. Being a fossil Pokemon, Aerodactyl is based off the idea of a resurrected dinosaur.


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