The Stalfos are not the only undead creatures Link had to face in the Dungeons of the classic Legend of Zelda already, meet the Gibdo!


“I drew Gibdo from the classic Legend of Zelda. He’s a pretty simple looking dude, with both a blue and an orange-y variant, so I tried to capture that with some fancy lighting”

GraniteFire joined the Game-Art-HQ Community back in early 2015 when we had a Villains Art Challenge ongoing and he drew Vaati in all of his forms for it. As a Legend of Zelda fan it was just a matter of time before he would participate in our Link’s Blacklist of course and drew amazing takes of Volvagia and Gibdo for it.

We are looking forward to his next contributions and recommend to have a look at his gallery at deviantART!


The Gibdo are mummified corpses and always hungry flesh-eaters and became recurring enemies after their debut in the Dungeons of the classic Legend of Zelda. Unlike the Stalfos they can take many hits, are rarely knocked back and can easily become a problem in many rooms when they appear in groups. Their one big weakness however is Fire.

The Fire Rod is the weapon of choice against them in the classic LoZ.



Other Gibdo in Link’s Blacklist:

None Yet ūüôĀ




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