The only way Link can get another Tri-Force piece is to beat this two-headed monstrosity known as Gleeok. And this is just the easy version..


I chose one of the bosses of the very first Legend of Zelda game: Gleeok, a dragon with 2 to 4 heads. It first occurs in the dungeon called “Snake”.

Finding reference pictures wasn’t so difficult since I simply looked Gleeok up at Zelda Wiki. Unfortunately the pictures I found were very different from each other so I had to decide what to choose. I went with a mixture of the – in my opinion – better parts and mixed in my own style.

I hope you can still see what it’s supposed to be… ^^;
I also had a look at a Let’s Play of the game to get a better feeling for the dungeon and the setting because I’ve never played that game myself. I do hope that worked :)


Eruanna17 drew the two-headed dragon Gleeok for ‘Link’s Blacklist.’ in 2016. To get a better feel for how to draw the monster, she watched letplays of the dungeon and found the setting ideally drawn for the dragon itself.

The graphics didn’t give a full on reference of what the dragon truly looked like so she went for a combination of both interpretation and graphical likeness. The result of this hybrid works quite well.

Her DA Page is definitely worth a look for more artworks such as more of her Zelda fan art!


Gleeok is a multi-headed dragon that guards pieces of the Tri-Force hidden within each dungeon Link visits. A far cry from the simple one-headed dragon Aquementus, it’s moving heads and spitting of fireballs in less predictable patterns made it a bit more challenging to defeat.

The hardest incarnation of this beast came in the form of having four heads instead of just two. Beginners without a fully charged sword soon found him to be one of the most difficult parts of the game; Dying and backtracking through the dungeon became a common annoyance when fighting the four-headed Gleeok.



Other appearances of Gleeok in Link’s Blacklist:

Gleeok LoZ Phantom Hourglass for Link's Blacklist

Gleeok (PH)




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