Gleeok LoZ Phantom Hourglass for Link's BlacklistThis is the Two Headed Dragon  – Gleeok, the boss of the Temple of Ice dungeon in the Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Our illustration of Gleeok was drawn by C-R-O-F-T from the UK as her first submission to Link’s Blacklist.


Gleeok is a recurring boss character of the Zelda series and made his debut back in LOZ (1986) already  where it had to be fought in variations of two and even three heads and made a return in Zelda: Oracle of Seasons (2001).


In Zelda: Phantom Hourglass it returns with a different visual design for the most part and also a different battle strategy than before.

The two heads of Gleeok are red and blue and attack with Fire and Ice attacks, these attacks have to be used against Gleeok through the grappling hook

Gleeok from Zelda Phantom Hourglass 

Gleeok Zelda PH Screenshot

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