A bunch of agressive Tektites ambushing Link in one of the many canyons he treked through in the original Legend of Zelda on NES. The wildlife of Hyrule really hates Link.


Yggdrassal aka Mike from the United States who decided to draw some of the most common and earliest enemies Link encounters in the game; the Tektites. Tektites are those hopping one-eyed spiders in The Legend of Zelda. And as everyone knows; if it has one-eye KILL IT!! (Hyrule has some real prejudice against mono-eyed people and creatures.) 

In true epic fashion, the Tektites are made to look more detailed to convey they’re actually a lot more epic looking than they do in the game. Hence making Link more of a bad ass wiping out these Cyclopsian arachnid things.

For more epic artwork of Yggdrassal’s, visit his Gallery on dA!


Tektites are one-eyed spider creatures from the first Legend of Zelda. They are very nimble and like to hop around in groups ambushing any would be heroes wandering into their domain. They come in two colors; orange and blue. Blue ones seems to be slightly stronger and drop more valuable goods than orange ones when defeated.

Tektites would be back throughout the series waiting to hop around so more and continuously menace our hero.



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