The classic Armos, drawn by Saskle

Imagine how you would feel when you look up to the one eye of a giant statue before you and suddenly it looks you in the eye and starts to move…this is the Armos enemy from the classic Legend of Zelda


“I chose the Armos from the very first Legend of Zelda. I imagine it must be terrifying to walk past a couple of statues and when you turn your back on them they come to life!

I tried to capture that moment of suspense here”


Saskle from the Netherlands joined Game-Art-HQ and claimed a really unpopular video game character with Grog from LoZ OoT for our community project where artists could claim a character of their choice, later she also joined our Link’s Blacklist Zelda Bestiary Collaboration in 2016 and drew the just activated classic Armos.

She also created an animated version of Kakuna for our Generation I Pokemon Tribute and just joined our Gen II tribute in March 2017!

I recommend to have a look at her whole gallery here!




The Armos are recurring enemies now in the Legend of Zelda games and debuted in the classic LoZ as one-eyed walking stone statues that are usually appearing in groups.

During the first encounters with them the Armos are usually standing still before Link touches and activates them. The Armos can move in a random pattern and also take many hits with the Sword which makes them strong enemies that should never be underestimated. The mean thing about them is that they are sometimes used as guards that have to be activated to come forward in dungeons.

According to the Legend of Zelda game manual, they were once human soldiers that were turned into these terrifying stone statues.

In the later games, there were also boss and completely mechanical forms of the Armos.

ps: Be careful to never approach the Armos from the south in the original Legend of Zelda!


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