Battle Arena Toshinden is one of the first fighting games released for the Playstation. It was also the first 3D fighting game which made use of the third dimension to let players evade  and counter  moves trough the back or foreground.

Battle Arena Toshinden was released worldwide and got also re-releases in all regions in form of the Greatest Hits or the Platinum labels.

Back between 1999-1999 the series got 3 sequels and a number of ports and spinoff games. Especially the first part and  Battle Arena Toshinden 2 were quite successful and both got re-released worldwide.

 The game is starring 10 characters on the Playstation, the Sega Saturn got the exclusive character Cupido, the Game Boy version got also Uranus from Battle Arena Toshinden 2. The PC Port that was based on the Playstation version had an Earthworm Jim skin for Rungo.

The screenshots in this gallery were made using the EPSXE Playstation Emulator which can display the games in a much higher resolution and other graphical improvements.



Characters from Battle Arena Toshinden in the Game-Art-HQ Database:

Duke (Toshinden)


Eiji Shinjo

Eiji Shinjo






Fo Fai




Official Battle Arena Toshinden Game Art of  like Ads, Flyers, Renders, Wallpaper, Cover and Concept Art:


Fo Fai Battle Arena Toshinden Game Art Portraits

Fo Fai Toshinden Portrait Art


Battle Arena Toshinden in Game-Art-HQ Art Projects:

Duke Rambert Battle Arena Toshinden Tribute Eiji Shinjo Toshinden Tribute Art Ellis from Toshinden GAHQ Tribute
Toshinden Art Tribute Fo Fai    

Battle Arena Toshinden got the honor of being the first Game-Art-HQ Art Collaboration ever, we did a tribute with illustrations of all characters in winter 2011. 


Selected and featured Battle Arena Toshinden Fan Art:

Duke from Toshinden Fan Art

Duke Rambert from Toshinden

by Pio Paulo Santana

Ellis from Toshinden by Genzoman

Ellis from Toshinden

by Genzoman





Screenshot Gallery of Battle Arena Toshinden:

Battle Arena Toshinden Playstation Screenshot


Battle Arena Toshinden Playstation Screenshot

Main Menu

Battle Arena Toshinden Playstation Screenshot



Duke Rambert Toshinden

Duke Rambert

Eiji Shoji Screenshot

Eiji Shoji

Ellis Toshinden Screenshot


Fo Toshinden Screenshot


Kayin Amoh Screenshot

Kayin Amoh

Mondo Toshinden


Rungo Iron Toshinden

Rungo Iron

Sofia Toshinden Screenshot


 Fights in Battle Arena Toshinden

Character Select

Mondo Stage

Eiji Stage

Fo Stage

Rungo Stage

Ellis Stage

Kayin Stage

Sofia Stage



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