Battletoads is the last game of the Battletoads series and was only released for Arcades back in 1994. It was the first game by Rare that used the pre-rendered graphics that became popular in their Donkey Kong Country and Killer Instinct games later.


Battletoads the Arcade Game is a beat’em up for up to three players, it was never ported to a console but is one of the emulated games in the Rare Replay collection on Xbox One. 


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Dark Queen

Dark Queen

Rash (Battletoads)



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 The Battletoads Arcade game is one of the 15 beat’em ups we tribute in our Beat’em Up Tribute


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Battletoads-Arcade-Title-Sc Battletoads Arcade Screenshot 3 Battletoads Arcade Screenshot 4


Battletoads Arcade Screenshot 2

Battletoads Arcade Ending



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