Female Link Genderbender LoZ Fan Art by Genzoman

Female Link (Linkle)

Skullkid Zelda MM by Genzoman

LoZ Majora’s Mask

May (Haruka) from Pokemon

May (Haruka) from Pokemon

GENZOMAN is not just a great artist but also a big gamer who continues to draw his fasvourite game characters since years. In the last months he surprised me a lot with his takes on Sofia and Ellis from the almost forgotten Battle Arena Toshinden but he also did that sexy female version of Link ..the always sexy Poison from Street Fighter and two more artworks based on The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask which got remastered on the 3DS and also May from Pokemon. Awesome stuff @ Gonzalo!

I recommend just everyone to have a look at his whole portfolio on deviantart and follow him there!

Sofia from Toshinden by Genzoman

Sofia from Toshinden

Ellis from Toshinden by Genzoman

Ellis from Toshinden

Poison SFV Genzoman

Poison from Street Fighter