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Twelve my Entry
Twelve is a prototype, twleve is mutant, twelve is a very interesting character. That’s because shape-shifting is an interesting ability: the ability to adapt any circumstance, any opponent, any environment… to achieve victory.

The only downside of that is that you have no “special thing” of your own besides that power.

Also, you have a lot of possibilites when drawing him, so that’s appealing in some way: flexibility (just use your creativity).

I draw using just pencils or pen, so I always draw “black & white”; for this, I wanted to add something else, and since The GIMP is a very useful tool so, why not? Some abstract background can’t hurt anyone. I’m not that good as you can see, but I thing the finished work looks cool.

– The pencils I used: 6H, 2H, 2B.
– The software I used: EPSON Scan (EPSON Stylus CX4500), The GIMP with GIMP Paint Studio (a series of brushes for drawing and paiting).

By the way, “1100” is the binary number for “12”.


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Twelve my Entry



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