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Sean my Entry

Sean has been one of my favorite SF characters ever since I first played SFIII on the Anniversary Collection for the PS2. He’s very unique from the other shotokans and has such an optimistic attitude, always striving to improve his skills.

When I first saw this contest announcement, I knew Sean was my number one choice to draw. I think most of the SFIII cast is very overlooked, I hope in the future SF games, Sean makes more appearances. He’s a very likable character that I always enjoy playing as!

For my entry, I chose to draw him in pen in ink because it’s my favorite medium to work with. I colored him with some prismacolor pencils and scanned it afterwards.

The overall process was about three hours, coloring taking the longest. For his pose, I found a GIF online of his Ryuubi Kyaku attack, saved it and went through it frame by frame on Gimp until I found the right pose I wanted. I tried to capture the power and movement of this great attack!







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