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Urien and his entry
Seeing the Tokido vs Justin Wong match where Tokido’s Urien crushed his opponent into fine powder is the match that got me into the Third Strike fandom, so I’ve always had a soft spot for the character.

Another part of why I like him was his arrogant and downright psycho battle quotes, which inspired this crazy look I gave him in this pic, appearing to be laughing at his KO’d opponent through the orange energy he summons post match.


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Urien and his Entry
I’ve always liked Urien, as he looks really powerful, and his movements always tend to have a lot of torque and twisting in them.
This is why I depicted him performing his chariot rush move. I also chose to draw him more like he appeared in his Double Impact artwork, as he more closely resembled an ancient greek figure. His face almost reminded me of Michelangelo’s David Sculpture.
I feel as though his rather plain design was accentuated in Third Strike, so I like his artwork better in Double Impact.
Like my Necro piece, this was done in ink pen and copic marker, colored in photoshop.





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