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Necro and his entry

I’ve always enjoyed drawing Necro, I find him to be easily one of the most interesting character designs in the whole series. His crazed anatomy allows you to draw him in a variety of impossible poses.

I found this tribute to be a good opportunity to tryout copic markers combined with photoshop coloring.

I also tried imitating the style of Nishimura Kinu’s incredible character artwork for Street Fighter III: New Generation to a relative degree of success.



by alexis-kurosawa


Necro my Entry

Well when I decided to participate I just didn’t want to do one of the fan-favorites of the saga, like Ryu, Chun-Li,Gouki or Blanka.

I wanted to draw one that I think is kind of underrated by the general fans. And I also wanted to do something that wasn’t a Street Fighter 2 fan art.

So I decided to go for Street Fighter 3, and I instantly though about Necro, he is one of the most interesting characters in the game, his design is really original. His wierd face and pale skin with red tattoos, his desproportioned arms, all of that make me want to draw him.

To be honest I suck at play with him in the game but I don’t care, Necro is one of the best design characters in the Street Fighter saga.

 Well I had a lot of ideas of how I wanted to represent Necro, I originaly was going to draw him with Effie, the girl that’s always with him( I think is his girlfriend), but I think she will rest interest from Necro ( most of the fans have eyes only for the cute girls), so I decided to remove her from the concept. I draw a lot of versions of this piece, I try diferent perspectives, and I finally get with the final result.

I always start with pencils, then scan and color digitaly.

This time I use Illust Studio, for inking and coloring of Necro, in fact this is the first drawing I color with this program. For the background I use Corel Painter IX, I originaly wanted to draw more things for the BG, I wanted Necro to be in an alley, but I coudn’t make it work in that persepective, that’s why it looks like a long hallway( I should work more the BG during the initial penciling).

And finally I use Photoshop CS4 for the electric effects. I had a really great time working in this piece and I learn a lot for future ilustrations.
I hope you like it.










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