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I wanted Makoto to look how she looks in early SF games but with a bit of delicacy like other fighting games girls.

I also wanted to use a forest scenary like tribute of her SSFIV Artwork. I drew the picture in pencil first.

Then after a long time of thinking I decided to painted it, since my first choice was to not be a color work but I change my mind when I was about to finish the draw. I colored with water markers and then I use some normal markers for the shades and the scenary. And finally I scanned it and with MS Paint I rezized and improve the color ef the eyes.

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“Wait, is that a chick? I thought that was a dude.” I’m pretty sure most people thought that when they first saw Makoto in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. How could they not?

Makoto is the type of female character that is rare in most games. She’s not wearing a skin tight outfit nor is she half-naked. She doesn’t move super fast and she isn’t graceful.

If it wasn’t for the voice that came out of the speakers when she talked, you probably wouldn’t have known you were getting beat by a girl.

Her attacks are powerful and she hits harder than most fighters. She doesn’t need to flail around the screen at lightning speeds in order to get a hit in, she just needs to wait for the right time to choke you out then hit you repeatedly in the groin.

At first, I planned on imitating the visual painterly style of Street Fighter IV and SSFIV.

But since I had never done anything like that, I decided against it. I wanted this to look presentable after all, so I stayed with a more sketchy style.

Now, while I did like the choice on Capcom’s part to not over sexualize Makoto, I do feel that they went a little overboard and made her look a little too much like a boy.

So I focused on giving her a look that made her appear more feminine. Now you’ll feel even worse once you realize you mistook a pretty face for a dude’s.





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