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Ibuki His Entry
– I’ve always felt that the inception of Street Fighter III was an amazing feat.

As far as Ibuki goes, she is amazing in every way. She’s fun to play with, quick, and very cute. Sure she’s not of the strongest in the game, but that
is also a strength against those who don’t give her much credit. Her story in SSFIV is very adorable. A trained assassin who attends NinjaSchool with a pet tanuki who just wants to
have fun and just be a teenage girl and meet guys whilst befriending Sakura on the way?!
Someone should get this girl an animated series I tell ya! ūüėõ

The reason I chose to illustrate Ibuki in this manner is because I felt with the way I illustrate it would be best to show off her more serious/mature side. Yes, I love her
quirky, fun side, but let’s not forget that she’s been trained to kill since she was a child afterall. So I felt this was a great opportunity to showcase my style with one of the characters
I love most.

Thank you for allowing me the chance to enter this collection of artists and Street Fighter enthusiasts. Can’t wait to see the rest!

by Clvago


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Ibuki his Entry

Street Fighter III introduced a lot of new characters. Among those was Ibuki the teenage ninja. Like most characters introduced in this game, she was less focused in winning the tournament and defeatng the boss than exploring the world and meeting new people.

Unlike the classis depiction of a ninja, Ibuki is cheerful, hyperactive and quite childish. However when it comes to the fight she can make quick work of you.


I wanted to show Ibuki in the land she grew, fighting on top of buildings and always enjoying the moment.

I drew her without the mask because she has one of the prettiest faces in SF. Nothing much else to say




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