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Hakan his Entry
Hakan is considered by many to be a really odd fighter, if not, bad. But don’t let that fool you. In the Right hands, Hakan can be extremely dangerous to fight.
Although slower then much of the cast, he becomes a much different character once he coats himself in his famous Hakan Turkish Olive Oil. His grabs have longer reach, his attacks link together easier, he moves around much faster, and also giving his unique abilities unable to anyone else. Along with very heavy hitting normals, Hakan is a serious threat, and should not be slept on.
With the desire to make his family proud, the Pride of Turkey enters the Street Fighter Competition to prove his strength to the world..
It’s always fun to draw up Hakan, not only because I use him as my Main, but also because I do really like his overall design, both looks and gameplay, which no other character can match.
I personally had to pick his opening pose, of him oiling up via barrel dump. This allowed for several types of techniques in one piece, harder shading, softer shading, lined edges, no lines, running water with dodged highlights, and a lens flare.

With this piece, Hakan is ready to do battle, not only in Street Fighting, but in the field of Art.


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Hakan my Entry


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