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Geki my Entry

I’m relatively unfamiliar with the character, since I never played the first Street Fighter.

Geki is the original claw-wielding fighter and I think it would be awesome to see him included in any new Street Fighter game.

It would be interesting to see a match with him against Vega.

Since I didn’t know much about Geki, I had to do some research. I watched a few screen captures and videos of the game to get the feel of the character.

It was a bit challenging. At first, I was going to do a digital illustration, but I opted for a traditional piece because I have more experience in that area and because I personally prefer the style.

I used mechanical pencil for most of the drawing, but I also used ink pen to accentuate some of the lines in order to give it a more stylized look. I had fun drawing Geki!


by Fedde


  Geki is one of the five Street Fighter I characters who still did not make a comeback in a later game.

Not much is known about Geki really, he is the first claw wielding character in a fighting game, and there are theories that he trained Vega in Ninjutsu.

In the Udon comic books there is a whole Geki clan of assassins.


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