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Joe his Entry


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Joe his Entry

Joe seemed to be a face some people remember from SF1, and would be cool to see revamped.
Especially since he was actually just a generic fighter.

So I wanted to give him some spark. Draw him nicely and modernly since
no one ever draws him.

My entry was made to be a hype booster for street fighter x tekken. and Joe was a funny way of expressing it.

I was psyched about poison, a once unplayable sf character, and wondered if they’d do another.

So I gave Joe the SF xT treatment. I narrowed the style down deeply, even the preview card design.





“Joe is one of the characters from the original Street Fighter I game, he did not make a comeback yet.

He is a american kickboxer and thats more or less all we know about him

Joe was actually going to be in Street Fighter Alpha 3 as the escaping prison fighter, but was replaced by Cody during the development’” 






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