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Contrary that most of the people would assume, Eagle is not a musician but a hitman.
Working for a rich familiy as a bodyguard, Eagle was hired to defeat Sagat during the first Street Fighter.

What I found interesting about this character is that Eagle is one of the few (If not the only) fighter who carry weapons during combat.

His updated version in Capcom vs SNK 2 was fantastic, and the contrast between his gentleman looks and his violent background is a great combination who renember us the underground violence covered with etiquette in the modern England.

Im really proud about this entry, I have improved a lot in terms of sharpness in the picture, as always I like of the expression and the lighting on the face.

I imagined him in the night before the battle starts, He could be in a cheap motel reading all the documents and intel info about Sagat after he arrived Thailand.

That’s why I decided to paint him in a casual way instead of the classic “badass” staring at the camera/fighting pose.


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  Eagle is one of the characters from the original Street Fighter I game which made a comeback. Eagle’s return was a very unexpected return in the crossover game Capcom vs SNK 2. Eagle was also added to the Street Fighter Alpha 3roster in the portable versions

Like Birdie, Cammy White and Dudley he is a british character from England

Eagle`s design since Capcom vs SNK 2 is seen as a homage to Freddie Mercury, the dead frontman of the british rockband Queen.

In multiple japanese win quotes of SF Alpha 3 it is implied that Eagle is also has the same sexual orientation as Freddie Mercury (homosexual), making him one of the few gay fighting game characters.





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