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The Cycloids my Entry

The Cycloid characters in Street Fighter are very odd. Cycloid Beta is a translucent blue or green featureless humanoid character.

He/she/it borrows moves from a number of other characters from the game including; Kairi, Blair, Skullomania, Pullum, Allen, Ryu, Chun-Li, Akuma, Doctrine Dark and Garuda.

The possible pointlessness of the cycloid characters, not to mention it being from the EX series, is probably what left them one of the few characters that no one would claim to draw. Also they are physically almost featureless, which presents not much in the way of a character to illustrate. Having arrived at the date for the 25th anniversary Tribute there was about 5 or 6 less popular characters who had yet to have their second claim by an artist.

At this stage GBK offered those of us already involved in the tribute the chance to do a second tribute piece by doing one of these unclaimed characters. I chose Cycloid Beta. He/she/it is all blue and glowing. The background is plain black and is as featureless as the character itself however it does allow for the character’s glow to be more apparent in the image.

I also showed the translucency of the character by showing the right leg through the left leg which is in front. Oh and I just put the Greek symbol of Beta, β in the corner of image. I sketched the character quickly with a blue marker and coloured it in PS.





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The Cycloids my Entry


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