Aphrodite from SMITE Gold Skin Art Card

The Golden Skin Art for Aphrodite from SMITE by Jaggudada

It’s always awesome to see that a Game-Art-HQ Contributor also found a job place in the Video game Industry and is creating art for some of the most popular games currently. Jaggudada created a good couple of awesome artworks for GA-Hq art collaborations in the past and I am sure he will come back to those sooner or later as well, but currently he seems to be quite busy with these artworks for the popular SMITE MOBA game.

Which just got announced for the Playstation 4 btw. Its a free 2 play game as long as you don’t need all characters and costumes of course.

Aphrodite got a couple of nice artworks “Skin Art Cards” in the past already, but her new Golden Skin art is by far my favourite of these. Excellent work @J

You can read about Aphrodite and see her other artworks here