Romeo J. Gonzales is a long-time Game-Art-HQ Supporter and also a big Mortal Kombat fan. He is creating a series of artworks that display the many different variations of all the characters in Mortal Kombat X(L).

Reason enough for us to feature his giant project!



Jaqui and Jax Briggs MKX Fan Art

Jax & Jaqui Briggs

The Briggs Family

Mileena MKX Piercing Variation Art


Piercing Variation

Ermac MKX Mystic Variation Art


Mystic Variation


The first of the six is not even a real part of the MKX Variation Series, it shows Jax and his daughter Jaqui who made her debut in the game.


Mileena’s piercing variation is all about using speed and her Sai Forks in Kombat.

Ermac’s Mystic Variation is a bit more defensive than his other two. His Tele-Choke move can be a deadly weapon.


Tremor MKX Aftershock Variation Art


Aftershock Variation

Mileena MKX Ravenous Variation Art


Ravenous Variation

Kenshi MKX Kenjutsu Variation Art


Kenjutsu Variation


Tremor was once just a boss in the worst Mortal Kombat game ever, and while he was planed to become a playable character before, it did not happen for almost 20 years. In Mortal Kombat X is became a true beast. I hope he will return in future Mortal Kombat games as a part of the story as well.



Romeo J. Gonzales is a very active Game-Art-HQ Community member who submitted artworks for almost ten different art collaborations now. Be sure to visit his gallery on dA as well if you liked these MKX variation artworks from him!