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Doctrine Dark is one of the Street Fighter EX series characters and made his debut in 1996 as one of the completely new characters in Street Fighter EX.

He served under the orders of Guile and was confronted by Rolento together with his troops. This battle left both emotional and physical wounds on the soldier who was once known as Holger. He fled from the hospital and when he returned to the surface he became Doctrine Dark who is not able to breath normally anymore.

Doctrine is probably very inspired by the Mortal Kombat characters Scorpion, Kabal and Baraka. His special moves are very similar to Scorpion’s, he also uses a blade attached to his arms similar to Baraka’s.

Doctrine Dark made Guile responsible for his losses and wants to confront and kill him during the events of Street Fighter EX. 

Doctrine Dark is a playable character in all three Street Fighter EX games and also returned in Fighting EX Layer in 2017 as one of the last revealed characters shown for the game before it launched. 

Guile USFIV Summer Vacation Costume that looks like Doctrine Dark from SFEX

In Ultra Street Fighter 4, Guile got a dlc costume that seems to be based on Doctrine Dark actually. 



Doctrine Dark from the Street Fighter EX Games: an Overview

Charactername: Doctrine Dark / Holger
  Developed /Created by Arika
Gameseries: Street Fighter EX
  First seen in: Arcades
First Game: Street Fighter EX   Year first seen in: 1996
Last Game: Fighting EX Layer (2017)
  Birthplace: Germany
Role(s) and Characteristics: Fighting Game Character   Weapons or Martial Arts Style:  
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Official Game Art, like promotional Illustrations of Doctrine Dark from Street Fighter EX:

Doctrine Dark SFEX3 Official Art

Street Fighter EX3 (2000)

Doctrine Dark SFEX2 Official Art

Street Fighter EX2 (1998)

Doctrine Dark SFEX Art Street Fighter EX

Street Fighter EX (1996)



Doctrine Dark in the Game-Art-HQ Art Tribute to the 25th Anniversary of Street Fighter in 2012

Doctrine Dark SFEX SF Tribute 2 Doctrine-Dark-SF-Tribute-1

Back in December 2011 we organized a very big Art Tribute for the 25th Anniversary of the Street Fighter series.

And while Doctrine Dark and the SFEX games are not developed by Capcom and therefore, not counted “canon” we included D.Dark and everyone else from the Street Fighter EX games in our project.



Selected Fan Art and Cosplay Photos of Doctrine Dark