Vega The Spanish Ninja Street Fighter Art


Vega, the Spanish Ninjutsu using Street Fighter character has come a long way since 1991, just like some of the fans that are drawing him from time to time.

Lixin “TixieLix” Wang from Australia is one of those and I follow her works and how she gains experience with every new year and uses them for video game fan art sometimes, she drew a beautiful take on Vega for our Street Fighter Art Tribute in 2012 already, but she really got better with the colors, lights and shades and her art seems to have more details now as well.

Personally I hope that Vega and many other characters that were in Street Fighter IV make a pause, at least until Street Fighter V gets a big update a year after its release just like we saw it with Super SFIV. Hope Capcom can focus the initial SFV more on completely new characters as well as those we did not see since a long time. Charlie Nash and Birdie were two good steps into the right direction I believe.