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The Game-Art-HQ Art Challenges are both a Challenge and a Community Project that is organized through our Group on DeviantART.

GA-HQ Community Members can either claim a game or a game character of their choice if it is related to the Art Challenge Theme or get a selection of three games or characters picked for them

Elma Xenoblade Chronicles RPG Art Challenge on GA-HQ

Elma from Xenoblade Chronicles X drawn by Phamoz

Elma is the main protagonist in the upcoming and highly awaited Xenoblade Chronicles X for the Nintendo Wii U and was claimed by the GA-HQ Newcomer Phamoz for our RPG Art Challenge.

As a fan of the “Xeno” games since Xenogears I am totally looking forward to the game.


Excellent work with your first contribution to one of our community art collaborations, your Elma illustration is simply beautiful!

Elma from Xenoblade Chronicles X on Game-Art-HQ