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The Game-Art-HQ Art Challenges are both a Challenge and a Community Project that is organized through our Group on DeviantART.

GA-HQ Community Members can either claim a game or a game character of their choice if it is related to the Art Challenge Theme or get a selection of three games or characters picked for them

Lost Odyssey RPG Art Challenge

Lost Odyssey by Mike “Sarrus” Williams

“An absolutely amazing JRPG on the Xbox 360 done by Mistwalker.

What can I say about this game, it was so amazingly done. The characters were really well-developed and it’s one of the only RPG’s I’ve played that had me attached to the characters involved in the story.
If you have access to an Xbox 360, get this game and give it a shot, the first portion of the game is unforgivingly difficult, but once you get past that block the game becomes so rewarding in many ways (I especially love the “A Thousand Years of Dreams” aspect of the game).

Tried new things with this again and I’ve broken a personal boundary and that’s unique faces, most apparent on Jansen and Sed.

Done in Photoshop CS6 in about 20 hours.”

Lost Odyssey is one of the best RPG’s on Microsofts consoles and was created by Mistwalker Studios. The soundtrack was composed by Nobue Uematsu and the game received mainly great scores.

It did not reach a big audience though, the Xbox360 bombed completely in Japan and the audience in the west sticked mainly to other genre’s than  JRPG’s.