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The Game-Art-HQ Art Challenges are both a Challenge and a Community Project that is organized through our Group on DeviantART.

GA-HQ Community Members can either claim a game or a game character of their choice if it is related to the Art Challenge Theme or get a selection of three games or characters picked for them

Atelier Ayesha GA-HQ RPG Art Challenge

Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk by Cubehero

“Because it’s a challenge I tried to do something that I wouldn’t normally do!
The picture took a few weeks from start to finish (not constant work of course), and actually began as traditional art.

There are numerous mistakes both in anatomy as well as the dress designs, but oh well.
I tried to not pay too much heed to that and instead focus on getting the feeling I wanted right.
I’m not sure I completely succeeded there, but it at least looks somewhat close to how I imagined the picture!”


I loved the Atelier games on the Playstation 2 but did not try out any of the later games in the series yet.

Cubehero claimed Atelier Ayesha for our RPG Art Challenge though and made me even more curious about the newer games, wish I had the time for them!



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