This here is going to be a gallery dedicated to selected GenderBender Fan Art of Video Game Characters. Its very small right now but will grow with the time and get a real layout, sorry that it is only looking like that right now (April 2015)


Kratos God of War Sexy Genderbender Cosplay Art

Kratos Genderbender Cosplay


Female Link Genderbender LoZ Fan Art by Genzoman

Female Link (Linkle)

by Genzoman

Dante from Devil May Cry Female Version by Ganassa

Female Dante

by Ganassa

Female Raiden MGR GenderBender

Female Raiden (MGR)

by Sinyo Budi

Noob Saibot Sexy GenderBender

Female Noob Saibot

by Kenichi-Kitsune

Mario Gender Swap

Super Mario Gender Swap

by OnichanXD