Dry Bones from Super Mario Bros.3 for Mario's Blacklist

This is one of the Dry Bones, the undead Koopa Troopas which can most of the times be found in the various Castle stages in many Super Mario games.

They debuted back in Super Mario Bros. 3 already and returned in almost all the main series sequels and also in the Paper Mario and Mario Kart games.

While they can be attacked and fall together, the Dry Bones will stand up again after some seconds and continue to walk around like the used to before. The only way to defeat them is if Mario touched a Star or can use the Hammer Suit.

Dry Bones SMB3 Gif


The Dry Bones illustration was actually the first piece made for Mario’s Blacklist and drawn by Eric Ridgeway who is not only an awesome artist but also a strong supporter of our projects now since around 2 years and helped to make our Doom and Super Metroid Tributes!



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