Doopliss is an enemy and Boss (Chapter IV) in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door and a Duplighost.

He tries to steal Super Mario’s whole Identity in the game but is not successful of course. He did not appear in any other Super Mario Games so far.

Our Illustration of Doopliss was drawn by Art-Zealot from the USA who participated in Link’s Frienbd and also the Blacklist Art Collaborations already, I was happy she returned for Mario’s Blacklist as well!

She wrote:

“Thousand Year Door is easily my favorite Mario game, and one of my favorite RPGs. It’s just got top marks in all the best places: story, humor, characters, gameplay, visual style. It’s one of those games I always think back to and go, “Man…I want to play that again!”
Doopliss here is a great example, and one of my favorite antagonists in the game from a really fun chapter.
He gets his kicks by turning hapless villagers into pigs, steals your face and runs off with your friends, but deep down he probably just wants a hug, y’know? He’s my favorite type of sassy prankster who throws a fit when things don’t go his way, but ultimately isn’t much of a threat.
And he’s just plain cute!”
Doopliss Paper Mario TTYD for Mario's Blacklist



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