Charging Chuck Super Mario World for Mario's Blacklist

“Charging Chucks usually guarded the end of the levels in SMW.  They either chased you, jumped up to try and grab you, or kicked footballs at you.  nasty little buggers.

I did ALL of this in one day!  It was fun.  I laughed a bit, I cried a bit.  I cussed out my laptop a few times when I couldn’t figure out something in Photoshop (I have always used Corel painter till recently).  

Overall, I am quite proud of myself  Not my best work, but good nonetheless. “

Eli Haun, July 2014


The Chargin’ Chucks debuted back in Super Mario World, these Koopa’s are much stronger than the standard ones and wear American Football gears. There are different types of them in the game, often they dash forward Mario but some of them can jump too and a few are confused and want to play Basketball it seems.

They made their return on the big screen in Super Mario World 3D on the WiiU in 2013.

Charging Chuck SMW Screenshot

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