Cortez Mario

Cortez is a Boss from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

“Cortez is one of the cooler bosses of what is one of the greatest Mario games and one of the greatest RPG games at that. He’s amusing on many levels too, be it his multi-staged battle where he takes a variety of forms, the fact he has only 20HP yet heals himself for 100HP each time he does so, or how he goes all Gollum-like whenever it’s about his treasure, or how even though he’s an undead, skeletal pirate, he befriends Mario and his crew and even dubs as their “taxi driver” later on XD

But most of all, Cortez is one hell of a badass design, and certainly brings a much needed pinch of true darkness to the series (as most other stuff that;’s normally creepy, like ghosts, ends up all cute and bright in Mario games XD).

Plus, he was a challenge, with his twisted design and all, but was still fun to draw nonetheless >3 “

LukeTheRipper, July 2014

Cortez from Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door for Mario's Blacklist


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