Chain Chomp Super Mario 64 for Mario's Blacklist

“Who remembers exploring the first parts of Mario 64, and finding Chain Chomp?

Golden memories! “


Could not said it better than Vincent Bisschop, the artist behind our first Chain Chomp fan art on Game-Art-HQ.


The Chain Chomp enemy debuted back in Super Mario Bros. 3 already but gained quite the spotlight when he was part of a Star Quest in the first stage of Super Mario 64, the Bob-Omb Battlefield.

Mario encounters this undefeatable enemy quite at the start of the level already and has to take care he won’t get bitten by it. This is pretty difficult when Mario tries to get to the star behind the Chain Chomp and has to pound on the loft the Chain Chomp is bound to. But if he manages it, the Chain Chomp is free, jumps around a bit and opens the gate to the Star for Mario before it jumps away completely.

The Chain Chomp got their dog-like barking sound for the first time in Super Mario 64. Till today they appeared in almost all sequels so far.


Chain Chomp Mario 64

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