The Boomerang Bro’ had a long history in the Super Mario Games already when he returned in Mario and Luigi Super Star Saga on the Game Boy Advance.

These guys debuted back in SMB3 already and got a few design changes which made them fit to the different worlds the games were set in.

In M&L SS they looked a lot cooler than before now with their sunglasses and for some reason a sprout grows out from their heads. OK!


Zoulouluvu from Canada who drew an amazing piece of Medli for Link’s Friendlist before, took the chance, claimed these guys and made the Boomerang Bro’ looking cooler than ever before!

She wrote:

“This here is the lovelly boomerang bros from Mario and Luigi Super Star Saga on the GBA!

This game was my first GBA title and boy didn’t I regret chosing it. I totally got hooked by the concept. I still find the switching from Mario to Luigi mechanic the best thing in the series, I wish they’d have kept it. I still need to play Dream Team.
I went for transparent background for time-saving,

I know; LAAAAAAAAAAAME. Still fits so it’s all good (:

Please Enjoy!
Oh and carefull Luigi, that attack’s on you! o:<“

Boomerang Bro from Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga for Mario's Blacklist



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